Tuesday, January 05, 2021

I wrote a new song! Jason Brown and I performed it for the first time over the weekend

“Home” by Emily Potter How deep does my soul go I I was afraid we’d regret You on that plane with your one way ticket Could you look past the wounded man To see the king I am When you set your guitar down My walls crashed to the ground The road is long But it’s shorter with a song So will you sing with me as I go As deep as I go II I was afraid to show my all My ugly my beautiful Is my song good enough Will I be all I dream of In my dark uncertainty You saw me only as a queen The road is long But this is where I belong Will you sing with me as I go As deep as I go Chorus Home I’m going home I’m picking up the crown I lost When I forgot who I was And I’m going home I'm going home I'm going home III When life or death takes you from me And I’ve claimed every bit of my majesty I won’t need wealth or land To remember who I am How long’s the road To the heart of my home How deep do royal waters flow If you want to know Walk with me, real slow As deep as I go Chorus II I’m going home As deep as I can go Walk with me Walk with me To the center of my soul I’m going home

Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Saturday, October 31, 2020

"The Tribe Song"

Thank you, Jason Brown, for writing this beautiful song for my Lightworker Musicians Tribe! In my tribe, we are OVERCOMING fears and personal challenges. We rise to meet anything that is holding us back from being the music medicine we truly are for humanity. I created this group to cheer my fellow musicians on in a safe, loving space as we traverse our vulnerable depths. Enjoy "The Tribe Song" by Jason Brown, written especially for lightworker musicians! However you are making the world a better place...keep being brave, and keep letting your voice be heard. We are making a difference. With love, Emily THE TRIBE: https://www.facebook.com/groups/lightworkermusicianstribe #lightworkermusicians #musicmedicine #medicinemusic